Principles of co-operation with Reichsbürger

Please regard, that We don´t answer to Personal situations. Even We don´t deliver advice in law cases. You´re fully responsible on what you´re acting about in any case of Geltendes Recht.

We only want to co.operate with edeucated and experienced people –  so you kindly are asked to follow the Principles of co-operation with Reichsbürger.

We need your understanding, that We do not need Your Personal Data, because We are acting strictly anonymous. This derives from the charta of 1945 and the control of all people, who are included by the rules of the “victorous powers” They have no faces, so We also have no faces.

Writing a comment

Of course You may think about getting special information—and even You want to Act as a Agent of the Idea of EMPIRE OF GERMANS, which refers to strictly head people, not serving to any foreign power. We rule the world, no Body else.

So We still continue the action, which startet with Sarajevo and Juli crisis of 1914. There never has been set up a valid peace contract, and on this behalf, war is going on. Of course, the situation of war has changed, and the weapons are not longer guns—in allmost the battle fields. But We decided to join the most incluencial technologies to hit the enemies—and at least force them to sign the PEACE TREATY.

If Writing a comment, We will not publish. We don´t want to teach the people or open discussions. But, you can put your Questions and include a PASSWORT of YOUR choice. It has to fit for die usual resctictions and should be minimum 8 characters, minimum 3 numbers and one special case like !”§ and at least 1 Uppercase. Then We may deliver an Article set up PRIVATE, and you are able to log in in Your Article and read more.

We only accept writing in English, because DEUTSCH© is an AskeNAZI language, and We refuse the use of Yiddish.

ISO 639-1 yi
ISO 639-2 yid
ISO 639-3 yid – inclusive code
Individual codes:
ydd – Eastern Yiddish
yih – Western Yiddish
Linguasphere 52-ACB-g = 52-ACB-ga (West) + 52-ACB-gb (East); totalling 11 varieties

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